Category Archives: 01.無我茶會Sans Self Tea Gathering (Wu-Wo Tea Ceremory)-Chapter 1- The Basic Model -蔡荣章Rong-tsang Tsai

無我茶會Sans Self Tea Gathering (Wu-Wo Tea Ceremory)-Chapter 1- The Basic Model -蔡荣章Rong-tsang Tsai

無我茶會Sans Self Tea Gathering-Chapter 1- The Basic Model -蔡荣章Rong-tsang Tsai

《無我茶會Sans Self Tea Gathering 180條》

蔡荣章著Author:Rong-tsang Tsai

ISBN978-957-9690-08-9 “无我茶会Sans Self Tea Gathering180,” First edition: 1999.9, Second edition: 2010.9《无我茶会180条》1999.9第一版 2010.9第二版 台北陆羽茶艺股份有限公司.2012.05.20修订版-English Translator : Katherine Yip英语翻译:叶德明

Chapter 1-The Basic Model

无我茶会Sans Self Tea Gathering is a form of tea gathering that requires participants to bring along their own tea wares. Sitting in a circle, each participant is to brew four cups of tea, three of which will be offered to fellow tea drinkers on the right or left, saving the remaining to oneself.  As such, each person will be drinking four cups of tea. After the agreed rounds of brewing, everyone will pack up – this is when the ceremony comes to an end.

Seats will be determined by random drawing upon arrival. Each participant would have known the procedure and the way the ceremony is to be conducted, having received notification from the organizer beforehand. There is no event director or master of ceremonies during the congregation – everything will follow the pre-agreed arrangement. Quietly, each participant brews tea; there is no restriction as to the school or regional practices imposed on the style of the equipage and brewing technique.

After the last round of tea is taken, the organizer has the option of arranging a 5-minute session of music appreciation, to let the flavor settle in, or induce reflection on the tea ceremony. Other activities can also be arranged when the tea ceremony is over.

Such is the basic model of a 无我茶会Sans Self Tea Gathering. Here is a summary of the above:

1.Sitting in circle, everyone brews, serves and drinks tea.

2.Seats are determined by random drawing.

3.Tea is to be served to the person sitting next to you (on the left or right, in one direction).

4.Tea wares, tea leaves and water for brewing are to be brought along by the participants.

5.Number of cups and brewing, and the way to serve tea is agreed upon beforehand; the event flow is also pre-determined.

6.No talking is allowed throughout the ceremony.