Category Archives: 21.The 14th International Sans Self Tea Gathering (Wu-Wo Tea Ceremory ) in Korea 2013.10.12~16 第14届国际无我茶会将于10月12日~16日在韩国(南韩)首尔,庆州,釜山举行

21.The 14th International Sans Self Tea Gathering (Wu-Wo Tea Ceremory ) in Korea 2013.10.12~16 第14届国际无我茶会将于10月12日~16日在韩国(南韩)首尔,庆州,釜山举行

The 14th International Sans Self Tea Gathering (Wu-Wo Tea Ceremory ) in Korea 2013.10.12~16 第14届国际无我茶会将于10月12日~16日在韩国(南韩)首尔,庆州,釜山举行


(1)请于2013-08-17(星期六)17:00点之前发电邮至韩国国际茶文化协会报名。因为食宿酒店安排有点紧张,故需要提前通知。为了食宿的预约以及大会的圆满进行,请务必将参会团体的预计人员数告知我方International Tea Club.Korea联络人:Jeon, Jong-Min

电话: 82-70-7011-5247

(2)第14届国际无我茶会将于10月14日 18:00(第三天)在庆州的K酒店举行以“茶座”为主题的国际茶学术大会。有意呈交论文者,于9月14日前发送论文(作者自备韩文翻译)至电邮:(

The Latest Notice and Detailed Schedules in Korea
The 14th International Sans Self Tea Gathering

(1)Please let us know how many participants will come from your group

: By August 17th, in 2013, you have to email us( Otherwise, we cannot reserve meals and accomodations .

(2)During the 14th Sans Self Tea Gathering, we are going to hold International Tea Conference at Hotel K in Kyeongju, at 18:00 on the 3rd day(October 14th, 2013). The Theme of the conference is “setting for tea gathering”.

Those, who want their own article to be on our journal, have to submit their own article to us by email ( by September 14th.

제 14회 국제무아차회 안내

(1)참가단체별 예상 참가인원 보고 요청

: 숙소 및 식사 예약 및 행사의 원활한 진행을 위해 참가단체별 예상 참가인원을

8월 17일까지 이메일(로 회신하여 주시기를 부탁드립니다.

(2)국제차학술대회 안내

: 제 14회 국제무아차회 기간 중 10월 14일 18:00(3일차) 경주K호텔에서 “찻자리”를 주제로

국제차학술대회가 진행됩니다.

참가국별 논문 투고 희망자는 논문을 준비하여 9월 14일까지 제출하여 주시기 바랍니다.







2013-10-12~16,The 14th International 无我茶会Sans Self Tea Gathering   Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony in Korea

无我茶会Sans Self Tea Gathering  ( Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony)

The 14th International Sans Self Tea Gathering   Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony) in Korea

1. Introduction

This year’s Sans Self Tea Gathering  (Wu-Wo Tea Convention ) will be held on October 12th to 16th, 2013 at Seoul, Gyeongju, and Busan in South Korea under the purpose of developing tea culture with the world tea people.

2. Period : October 12th(Sat.) to 16th(Wed.), 2013

3. Place : Gwanghwamun in Seoul, Royal tombs in Gyeongju, Haeundae in Busan

4. Event Fee : $550

(include hotel, local transportation, paid meals, and other costs related schedules. Air

※  Fees could be affected by exchange rate.

无我茶会san self tea gathering7.2

5. This year’s Sans Self Tea Gathering  (Wu-Wo Tea Convention ) will conduct three performances(each 40 minutes). Each member must bring his/her own tea sets and other equipment required to make tea. It is highly recommended that each group wear apparel representative of their individual countries while performing in the Ceremony in order to reflect each country’s distinctive culture during the event. At the dinner on 13th, representatives from each countries will show their traditional Tea Ceremony about 20 minutes.

Moreover, there will be Tea World Championship Competition accompanied with the convention at Busan on 15th. This event is where tea stories of each others could be exchanged through tea table settings. Groups who want to participate should complete the preparation for it in advance.

※ Refer to introduction to Tea World Championship on page 4.

6. Supplies

Tea sets, tea, thermos, traditional costumes, personal articles

无我茶会Sans Self Tea Gathering4.5

7. Detailed Schedules

Date Time Schedule Place Note
1st  day(10/12) 14:0018:00 – Incheon arrival, Guide meeting- Hotel Check-in ▶Dinner and Group officers meeting–       Free time Seoul Group officers meeting
2nd day(10/13) AM14:00~16:0018:0021:00 –       ▶ Breakfast      Seoul Sightseeing(Gyeongbok palace, Traditional Museum, Insadong)-       ▶ LunchRoyal Fashion show– Sans Self Tea Gathering  (Wu-Wo Tea Convention)▶ Dinner, Tea ceremonies, Performances–       Dinner and Free time SeoulGwanghwamunSupper Tea ceremonies at Supper
3rdday(10/14) 8:0012:0013:0018:0019:0020:30 Move to Gyeongju(about 4hours)– Arrival to Gyeongju Lunch  Gyeongju Sightseeing(Bulguk temple, Seokgulam, Anapji, Cheomseongdae)– Sans Self Tea Gathering  (Wu-Wo Tea Convention ) 无我茶会 Dinner & International seminar– Gyeongju to Busan(about 1 hour)- Hotel Check in & Free time GyeongjuBusan Tea ceremonies at Supper
4thday(10/15) 7:00~8:008:00~12:0012:0015:00~17:0018:0018:00   Breakfast – Busan sightseeing(Taejongdae, Yong여 park) Lunch-Sans Self Tea Gathering  (Wu-Wo Tea Convention )无我茶会– Supper with Tea World Championship Competition and Closing Ceremony – Check in & Free time BusanHaeundae squareSupper Tea World Championship
5thday(10/16) AM Breakfast– Busan sightseeing(Nurimaru APEC house, Duty-free, etc)   Lunch– Farewell


8.Registration / Contact

International Wu-Wo Tea Convention Organization of S.Korea国际无我茶会推广会南韩• International Tea Club(国际茶文化协会地址-南韩), #377-2 Napo-ri, Napo-myeong, Gunsan, Jeonbuk• Contact(国际茶文化协会地址-南韩,联络人) : Jeon, Jong-Min(TEL. 82-70-7011-5247 /

Registration Form

This form   should be registered by August 26th(Mon.) 17:00 at ‘’




Title of Tea



(Korean, Chinese character, or English) filled outat registration

Summary of

 Table Setting

(Korean or English) Noteany requirements


(Korean, Chinese character, or English)


(Korean or English)



(Representative of the group : Name, Cell phone, Email)

Contact window

(Name, Cell phone, email)

Number of




(In case of not decided, describe in general. Contact us when final decision made.)

List of Visitors

(List English names together.)。

Schedule in


Including arriving date, time, number of flight。 Arriving andDeparture atAirport

Tea World Championship

(Below are The Tea Table Samples,1 Table :1 Tea Brewer and 8  guests )